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they got mad

he…. has every right to tho. the song “wake me up when september ends” was about billie joe coping with the loss of his father. so when a bunch of shit-heads decide to be cute and constantly tweet him to “wake up” one the first of october its kinda like a slap in the face, like they’re completely disrespecting the emotions put behind the song. but i do know that there are only two types of people who do this. those who don’t know, and those who don’t care.





Mabel Pines voice actor, everyone

send help

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I have the roommate from hell. So I have to get rid of my cat and I have been trying pretty hard to find somewhere to go but today she is saying that if I can’t find him a home tonight then she is gonna “Take him for a drive” And that just really worries me and I just have no idea what to do with this sweet cat. So if any of you guys live in Columbus Ohio area and would like the sweetest cat in the world please send me a message.





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happy october!!! i’ve been watching beetlejuice the cartoon because it was like such a big deal to me as a kid and its FUCKED UP (in a good way) and full of pUNS and lydia is really cute 

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This ring lets blind people read non-Braille books

One of the problems with Braille is that it’s typically printed in specialist books aside from the copies created for sighted people, meaning that those with sight difficulties can’t borrow their friends’ books and need to seek out the bookstores and libraries that cater for them. In the past, we’ve seen projects such as Thailand’sMr. Light and Mr. Dark — which uses special typography to enable the blind and non-blind to read the same book. Now the FingerReader initiative from MIT provides visually impaired readers with a wearable ring that can scan written text and read it out loud. READ MORE…

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